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Sup! Can any yoga blogs favorite (click the lil <3 ) or reblog this post please and i’ll follow ya’ll?! I really really really want to get better and it will help with my surfing. I find it so relaxing and chilling. Plus, i want to get super flexible and change my body to make it better while i do it :) Fitness blogs are welcome too because i’m aiming on improving my fitness too!! Thanks! xox


Ok need to get fit for February if i am going to apply to be a RNLI beach lifeguard and start competing  in beach competitions for lifesaving to get into the welsh team. Also i may be part of the local rugby club (Scarlets) and may represent Wales in swimming.

Any fitness ideas? Training programs?

I might join the RAF after it too. :)

The sports i currently do are, swimming, rugby, surf lifesaving, surfing, aggressive rollerblading and i run a mile sometimes too.

So if you can revolve it around that then thats cool :)

Please help. :)


To be in the Olympics would be a dream come true. (lifesaving obvs)

Travel the world and do sports.

Surf the world.

Pro Blader.


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